Fayetteville mayor tells Goodman employees: get jump-start on job search

FAYETTEVILLE, TN (WAFF) - As news of Goodman Operations leaving Fayetteville sinks in, the 1,500-plus workers there are left wondering what's next.

The mayor tells us the plant will remain operational for the next two years while Daikin builds its new, larger facility in Houston.

Daikin has not outlined what options the Tennessee employees will have, only saying they will help employees through the process

Meanwhile, the mayor of Fayetteville says they are beginning right now to plan for the future. That means trying to recruit new manufacturing to the area.

For example, when Eagle Snacks closed its doors a few years ago, the city was able to help bring Frito Lay in.

That company has since expanded in the area.

The mayor also says a large chunk of employees at Goodman were set to retire in the next few years anyway, making the blow slightly less.

Fayetteville will also likely work with the Tennessee Employment Group to help retrain employees.

But Mayor Johnathan Law says just like the city is doing, people need to start thinking now about the future.

"You've got two years to go to a school or something like that," the mayor advised. "We've got Motlow State Community College here that can help people get into another type of career. So there are things that you can do."

The mayor also made very clear that Daikin's decision did not have anything to do with the fairgrounds.

A few years back, there were talks about Daikin expanding on the grounds.

The deal didn't work out for several reasons.

Daikin says the move to Houston was strictly about being more efficient.

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