See, Click, Fix: Whose Responsibility Is It To Clear Ditches?

Leaves and sand have filled this homeowner's ditch. (Source: WAFF)
Leaves and sand have filled this homeowner's ditch. (Source: WAFF)

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - It's an issue we see every now and then - ditches and storm drains that get clogged.

In this case, it's a ditch in the 900 block of Peck Road in Huntsville.

Leaves and sand have filled it, and that's causing water to collect. At times, the water floods all the way up to one homeowner's mailbox.

A Huntsville Public Works crew is going to clean it out.

But it got me thinking: When is it the city's responsibility to take care of situations like this, and when is it the homeowner's?

City spokesperson Kelly Schrimsher told me that generally, it falls on the property owner because, usually, the property line runs down the center of the ditch.

City workers will often clean out ditches, like in this case, and then explain the guidelines to the property owner for the future.

Another Public Works crew has a little work to do on an intersection in Huntsville. We got details on this issue from someone posting on the See, Click, Fix section on our website.

Since a new drainage pipe was installed at the corner of Locust Avenue and Owens Drive, the road has a big dip in it, and there's some concern that will damage a car.

It runs all the way through the intersection. A crew is set to patch it in the next week, weather permitting.

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