Huntsville Man Burned In Christmas Morning Fire

Huntsville Man Burned In Christmas Morning Fire

Merry Christmas, everyone! And yes, even though it's Christmas, the news carries on. That picture above is proof. That's a fire at an apartment complex in Huntsville overnight. One man was treated for burns. I'm just getting my first look at the video. We'll have that for you, starting at 4:30 a.m.

Missed the candlelight vigil supporting police officers last night in Huntsville? No problem. I missed it, too, but we have a complete wrap up for you at 5:33.

Back to Christmas. We'll take you back to the Joe for the services there last night. We're also checking in on the Pope's mass in Rome and Christmas in Iraq and New York.

I haven't even read this story yet. But let me tell you the title is "Santa Robs A Bank". Let's watch it together for the first time at 5:06.

And it's dry and still rather mild outside. Meteorologist David Ernst will fill us in on how long we're going to stay dry and what else we can look forward to today.

And even at this early hour, you don't have to look hard to see I'm in the Christmas spirit. I went with a Christmas tree tie yesterday. Today, I'm going with little Santa Clauses.

Now, dash away, dash away, dash away all. Let's ring in some news and cheer. Join us for WAFF 48 News Today. It's a holiday, but we're still working for you.

And from all of us at WAFF 48, Merry Christmas!

-- Jim Abath