Is It Really That Foggy This Morning?

Is It Really That Foggy This Morning?

It was interesting ride in to work this morning. It was dark headed up Monte Sano on Highway 431, and then this is what I found at the top. That's the traffic light at Monte Sano Boulevard. The fog was really thick and just a few yards past heading down towards Huntsville, it was crystal clear. So, keep an eye out for some other patches out there this morning. We'll check in with Meteorologist David Ernst throughout WAFF 48 News Today. He'll let you know where he's seeing fog and when you'll see rain in your neighborhood today.

In the news, we're looking into a fire that broke out last night on Dubose Street in Huntsville.

We'll show you what we found on the scene and what investigators are working with today.

Today in North Korea, the internet was out for 9.5 hours.

Why? Who knows, but we're looking into it. And we'll get you caught up to date with the whole Sony hacking saga.

And what's the status of your Christmas shopping? I'll be honest. I will have some to do tomorrow, so perhaps I will see you at the stores. Some people are actually getting drones this year. I never really thought about that. If you are, though, we'll run down some things to keep in mind at  5:43 a.m.

And if you're up early. Mark Barger has some gift ideas for under $50. Look for his report at 4:55.

OK, let's get this December 23rd going. WAFF 48 News Today's on from 4:30-7:00. So, join us and we'll get caught up on the world together.

See you soon!

-- Jim Abath