Madison Co. sex abuse suspect granted bond for third time

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - A Madison County judge issued bond for a sexual abuse suspect for a third time. Prosecutors requested bond be revoked for Brian Frederick Lucas after he violated a condition of his bond.

Lucas faces two counts of sex abuse and two counts of attempted sodomy for two separate attacks.

Investigators say he attacked a 16-year-old girl at his home. He's accused of doing the same thing to an 18-year-old while out on bond for the first assault.

Following his second arrest, Judge Donna Pate granted Lucas bond, but only if he agreed to house arrest and drug and alcohol testing.

Prosecutors say he failed the alcohol test after attending a wedding.

During a bond hearing Judge Pate said, "I'm disappointed over the fact that I instructed him not to drink, and the first thing he did was go to a bar."

Friday, the judge ordered Lucas released on bond on the following conditions:

  • Lucas must wear an ankle monitor.
  • Lucas must participate in the color code drug and alcohol testing. He will be notified the day of testing and will be taken directly to jail if he fails a drug or alcohol test.
  • Lucas is confined to his parents' home with the exception of drug testing and court appointments.

Lucas will go to trial Feb. 9.

Lucas' twin brother Aaron is serving a prison sentence in Colorado for sex crimes involving children. Aaron Lucas was also suspected of abusing children in Madison County, but those charges were not pursued because of the plea deal in Colorado.

At one point in the Colorado case, Aaron Lucas used an "evil twin" defense to say Brian Lucas committed the crimes in Colorado.

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