See, Click, Fix: Digital billboard too bright at night?

Not a problem by day, but can it be too bright at night? (Source: Viewer)
Not a problem by day, but can it be too bright at night? (Source: Viewer)

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - How bright is too bright for a digital billboard?

Ford's Chapel United Methodist Church has one such marquee. It's on Ford Chapel Road in Harvest. A driver emailed me, saying the LED lights are too bright, that they're brighter than oncoming cars' lights at night.

We checked it in the daytime and it didn't seem too bright, but again that was during the daytime. Well, he wanted to know if there's an ordinance that restricts brightness.

I didn't find a Madison County ordinance, but I did find a state ordinance which mandates that digital signs have a photocell to adjust how bright a sign is relative to the light of day or night.

I also checked with the City of Huntsville's planning manager to get his take. Jim McGuffey told me that city zoning officers contact the sign company to adjust if a sign in Huntsville gets too bright. (Here's Huntsville's ordinance )

Madison County officials say they haven't had a case like this before, but they will look into it.

The other problem we checked out is at the other end of the light spectrum. There's not enough of it.

Insects have taken over a street light at Richardson Drive and Henderson Road. Only half of the usual light comes out now.

Huntsville Utilities is sending out a crew to clean it out. How'd you like to have that job?

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