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So-called 'friend' steals debit card

Our suspect as seen at a Redstone ATM. (Source: HPD) Our suspect as seen at a Redstone ATM. (Source: HPD)

Have you ever heard of a "friendly" crime? 

You know, where a supposed "friend" steals from you? 

Police say that's exactly what happened to a man who opened his doors to his friend. 

And that friend opened the man's wallet and lifted a debit card. 

A surveillance camera shows a man making a transaction with a debit card at a local Redstone Federal Credit Union Aug. 19. 

But according to police, the card actually belongs to the man's so-called "friend."

According to police, the victim was letting this guy stay with him at the Pinehurst Apartments on Pulaski Pike. 

What did his friend do to repay his kindness? 

Police say he stole his debit card.

Some kind of friend, right? 

But seriously, if these two are friends, then why can't the victim identify the thief and help police find him? 

Maybe he's reluctant to turn him in or maybe they aren't very good friends after all. 

We don't know. We haven't been told. 

But if you know who this thief is, friend or not, there's a big payday coming your way.

As in up to $1,000 in reward money. 

You can make the anonymous call to 256-53-Crime with your tips. 

Or you can anonymously text or e-mail your tips. 

To see how, go to, click Crime Stoppers, then the Huntsville Area Crime Stoppers link.

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