Overnight Fire Kills Rogersville Man

Overnight Fire Kills Rogersville Man

Deadly fires are always hard to report, but they hit extra hard during the holiday season. Above, that's the scene of a fire that killed a Rogersville man last night.

The community's already coming out to support the family. We talked with the son of the victim, who was a neighborhood fixture. Muriel Bailey has that for you at the top of the 5:00 and 6:00 a.m. newscasts this morning.

Lauren Morrison is back in the Alert Center this morning. I don't have any idea what she's working on, which means she's scouring for breaking news. Look for her live twice every half hour from 5:00-7:00. It's always fascinating to see what she's found. She always has live pictures or new video.

Did you read up on that Senate Committee report on the CIA interrogation techniques during the Bush Era? We're getting more perspective on that this morning from several sources.

The first one, from former CIA officials, is on at 5:06.

A feel good story? How about at least two of them? We have an elementary school student from Athens who's collecting for the homeless and a couple that went above and beyond to tip their waitress and help her out when she needed it the most. That story's at 5:55.

But there's so much more. I know you're going to be rushing around, getting ready for work or school, but check in with us. We'll get you caught up on the world and have some fun in the process. WAFF 48 News Today is on right now. Join us!

-- Jim Abath