Huntsville Police Officer Arrested

Huntsville Police Officer Arrested

This morning, we're checking for information on the Huntsville police officer who was arrested. The FBI confirmed Officer Lewis Hall was arrested Monday on a bribery charge. Here's what we have so far

And stay tuned. We'll update you as soon as we get more information.

Redstone Arsenal is expecting a special visitor today. Under Secretary of the U.S. Army Brad Carson is in town. WAFF 48's Muriel Bailey will explain why that's such a big deal. Look for her live report at 5:06.

We have another one of those fake police officer stories. This time, it's in Irondale. The Raycom News Network's John Huddleston will explain what one woman experienced, and we'll run down what to keep in mind so you don't become a victim. That's at 5:37.

And as I listen to "I'll Be Home For Christmas" on my Ipod writing this, I have my winter jacket on inside. It is colder this morning than it was yesterday. Meteorologist David Ernst said it would be that way. Check out his outlook for the rest of your Tuesday in his Weather On The Tens.

I have to run to the set. Join us for WAFF 48 News Today. We're on right now!

-- Jim Abath