Big day for NASA

Big day for NASA

Good morning!

Here's what we're working on in the WAFF newsroom:

This morning, the future of space flight will take it's first big step from American soil.

A Delta IV Heavy Rocket will carry the Orion Crew Capsule on it's maiden voyage into space.  In a few years, the spacecraft will carry astronauts into deep space, so this safety test is critical.

WAFF 48's news anchor Liz Hurley is in Cape Canaveral, Florida and will have live reports all morning long.

Also, the Alabama Supreme Court will make a decision soon on the State's Accountability Act.

Yesterday, the justices heard oral arguments from supporters and opponents of the law.  The law allows students from failing schools to transfer to non-failing schools and receive scholarships and tax credits.

Opponents say the legislation's intent changed, and it's illegally taking money from public schools to fund private schools.

We'll have these reports and more on WAFF 48 News Today.