See, Click, Fix: Persistence pays off

(Source: Bamabluemodena/YouTube)
(Source: Bamabluemodena/YouTube)

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - It's been quite loud this week on Medford Drive in Huntsville, but homeowners have yearned for the sound of road trucks for a long time. So, this would not be overstating it.

"Well, it really is a Christmas miracle," said Kevin Guy.

He has been on a mission this year to get Medford repaved.

We first met him in June, when he showed us the 450-foot strip down the middle where the pavement sunk and the 1800 feet where it's broken into small pieces.

Guy put together a presentation to show city engineers how Medford Drive compared to Littlebury Road and some other streets that sat higher on the city's repaving priority list.

"There really was not a category where I felt their road was in worse shape than my road," Guy said back in June. "Yet several of the categories, it had a higher score."

We took his case to Public Works Director Terry Hatfield, who felt Medford would make the cut in the near future. Over the next few months, Guy kept checking in.

"I met him (Terry Hatfield) out here in the summer," said Guy. "We checked out the road, and he agreed that, indeed, it needed to be repaved. And he was going to do everything he could to make that happen."

Guy kept calling, and last month, he found out there was enough money left in the budget for Medford.

If your street's in the same situation, Guy says to realize there are a lot of streets built decades ago that need repaving and only so much money in each year's budget. But if you want to forward your case, perseverance helps.

"Yeah, persistence and trying to be objective and bring out physical evidence as much as possible," said Guy.

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