Microsoft does away with Clip Art

Microsoft is doing away with the image gallery known as Clip Art. (Source: WAFF)
Microsoft is doing away with the image gallery known as Clip Art. (Source: WAFF)

If you used Clip Art growing up for various projects, you can add that to the list of things you tell your kids about the "good 'ol days," because the days of Clip Art are no more.

Microsoft's Clip Art library is a thing of the past as of Monday, when the image gallery was shut down permanently due to dwindling usage, according to

Born in an age of computing when dot-matrix printers were "still a thing," the simply-drawn graphics were small in file size and easy to apply to party invitations, newsletters, and other items commonly made in the early days of desktop publishing. Bendy, silhouetted figures, comic-book style hands and faces were commonly found in Clip Art searches.

As computers and internet speeds became stronger and faster, Clip Art grew out of favor, even to become a source of ridicule in office break rooms across the country. Savvy self-publishers would instead turn to sleeker, more modern-looking graphics and photography stock websites for their image needs.

Future generations will not be able to choose a Clip Art illustration for their book reports and PowerPoint presentations.

As an alternative to Clip Art, Microsoft recommends using Bing.

You can read more about Clip Art being laid to rest here.

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