See, Click, Fix: Replacing broken garbage can wheels

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - The bottom of my garbage can looked as horrible as the one a See Click Fix viewer sent us.

The wheels were broken, and yet I would drag that big, green can across my driveway and out to the street every week, muttering to myself.

Little did I know that there is an easy solution, and that is what the person posting this picture on See, Click, Fix just found out. All you have to do is call the Public Works Department (in this case, Huntsville), and workers will bring new wheels to your house and replace them. My wheels were replaced in less than an hour. Here's the Huntsville Public Works number to call - (256) 883-3964.

That was one of the issues we checked out this week. Another one is causing some confusion. It's when you drive from Oakwood Avenue onto the 565 west access. Two lanes merge.

The man commenting on See, Click, Fix says there's a sign on the far right (which is hidden by trees and is hard to see) that indicates the right lane ends, but drivers don't really know which lane is supposed to merge into the other. He says he's seen some close calls.

He suggests that they put a merge lane sign on the left along with some dashed lines. The State of Alabama is in charge of I-565, so Huntsville engineers have forwarded his idea to ALDOT. We'll check back to see if that might be an option.

And we found another repair on Mercedes Avenue. There was some yard damage following some sewer work there a few months ago.

And as you can see, there's some damage in the yard. The city's Water Pollution Control department took over since it did the sewer work and made the repairs.

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