Are Two Valley Deadly Shootings Connected?

Are Two Valley Deadly Shootings Connected?

What was behind the two men found dead the last two days in Huntsville and Madison?

That's what detectives with both police agencies are still studying this morning. They believe the man they found dead yesterday was one of the men seen at the other scene in Madison on Wednesday. Our Muriel bailey is on the case this morning. She'll update us with the latest at the top of the 5:00 and 6:00.

Madison County fire investigators are working on the cause of a fire that burned a house in Gurley overnight. We have the video for you.

Homeland Security's out with a report on the security breaches at the White House. The more you see and read, the worse it gets. We have several reports on it for this morning. Check this out

,  and we'll have more for you on WAFF 48 News Today.

Yes, it's cold out there again this morning. I don't remember 25 degrees feeling this cold. Of course, the wind chill is more like 18. It seems even more bitter than that. I'm keeping Meteorologist David Ernst on standby so he can assure us that one of these days, it's actually going to get warmer. I hope so, but I get the feeling we're in for more cold this weekend. Check out David's Weather On The Tens.

And in case you missed our WAFF 48 Investigates report last night, I have this link for you

It's a really good story, showing you what you need to know about the codes on your tires and why you need to check them for safety.

Oh, and it's Friday! Let's enjoy it together. I'll see you on the TV in just a few seconds. And have a great day!

--- Jim Abath