This Is What's Front And Center On Capitol Hill Today

This Is What's Front And Center On Capitol Hill Today

Those are large sections of pipes in Summer, Texas. That picture was taken two years ago, but it's part of the Keystone pipeline plan.

That plan's set for a big vote in Washington today. And you guessed right. It's another big battle between Republican and Democrats. Tracie Potts is in Washington. She'll help sort out what both sides are arguing at 5:04 a.m. on WAFF 48 News Today.

We're also taking a closer look at a program that may get CBD oil to children with seizure disorders soon. The problem is their parents say the program's not moving quickly enough, especially since Carly's Law passed back in April.

Did you see the pictures of that spacecraft that landed on the comet yesterday?

It's pretty cool. This morning, you'll hear from a UAH professor who says the comet's qualities may help unravel some of the mystery about the beginning of the universe.

And it's not quite the temperature you'll find in outer space, but it's still pretty darn cold this morning. This is the first morning that the snowflake light popped up on my dash this morning - 36 degrees! Meteorologist David Ernst is in to let you know how much (or how little) it's going to warm up today.

Stay under the blanket or put on your winter coat early and join us for rest of what this Thursday has to offer. We're on the air right now!

--- Jim Abath