See, Click, Fix: Closing the open space At Kids' Space

See, Click, Fix: Closing the open space At Kids' Space

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Take another look at that photo. That is the maintenance entrance to Kids' Space in Huntsville. Most of the time, this gate is closed and locked so there's only one way in and out of the park. That way, there's more security for children and parents.

But this gate has been open a lot lately. Huntsville Parks and Recreation checked it out and found there was a problem with the gate. They fixed it, so now the gate can close.

This week, we also checked out a request for a street light in Huntsville. We saw a post from a family on Lee Drive. They say it's very dark on the street at night, and they have been waiting for three years to get a street light there.

On top of that, they say just over a week ago, someone broke into their house and stole a few things. And they figure a street light might have prevented that. Huntsville Utilities responded to their plea on See, Click, Fix and said the request would have to go through the mayor's office.

We checked with the mayor's office yesterday, and the mayor's communications director told us that the city's traffic engineers approved the request. However, it may take up to six weeks for Huntsville Utilities to install it.

We also checked out a telephone pole at the corner of Putman and Retail Drive. Someone posted on our site that a driver hit the bottom of the pole and it's now splitting at the top. Huntsville Utilities says a crew will pull the pole and replace it as soon as they can.

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