UAH shooter's appeal denied

Amy Bishop (Source: Metro-Jail)
Amy Bishop (Source: Metro-Jail)

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Judge Alan Mann denied UAH shooter Amy Bishop's Rule 32 appeal on Thursday.

Bishop shot six people during a UAH biology department meeting in 2010. Three of the victims died.

Bishop filed a handwritten appeal challenging her guilty plea in connection to the 2010 campus shootings. 

The Rule 32 Petition completed by Bishop stated she involuntarily pleaded guilty to attempted murder and capital murder, had ineffective council, the court violated her due process, there is newly discovered evidence, and the case involved a Brady violation.

When she filed the appeal, prosecutors called it a "desperate attempt to unravel the web which she has woven herself."

The prosecutors' response also stated Anderson could be the most educated defendant to stand before the Madison County Court, so the complaint that she did not understand the proceedings has no merit.

Bishop-Anderson is currently serving a life sentence in Tutwiler Women's Facility.

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