Murder case bound to grand jury after 5 years

MADISON COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - A murder case that took five years to go to court is now in the hands of a grand jury.

Deputies had to carry Clarence Fearn out of the courtroom after Judge Alison Austin asked him to be quiet several times during his preliminary hearing.

Madison County investigators say Fearn shot and killed his step dad, George Woodard in 2009.

At his preliminary hearing, investigators say they interviewed a man who acted as the "get away driver" after the shooting.

Investigators say he told them Fearn said he needed to "handle" something.

He dropped him off outside his step dad's home.

While he waited at the stop sign, he told investigators he heard gun shots. He said Fearn got back in the car and they left the scene.

Prosecutors say the fact that the primary suspect is a relative may be a hard situation for the family but it won't stop their fight to bring justice in this case.

"Yes it is an awful thing but it's the right thing and it's been explained to them that it is a just thing for George Woodard," said Madison County Assistant District Attorney Jay Town.

The case is now bound over to a grand jury.

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