Spkr. Hubbard, supporters publicly address indictment

Good Tuesday evening.

Alabama State House Speaker Mike Hubbard spoke publicly for the first time today since a grand jury indicted him on 23 ethics violations. The violations, which Hubbard calls a political "witch hunt," include casting votes that were a conflict of interest and soliciting favors from high-profile lobbyists. WAFF 48's Charles Molineaux has been following today's developments in this case and will have more at 10.

It appears that people will try to take advantage o any circumstance to make money. The recent Ebola scare has brought out people trying to scam people out of money by trying to sell "protective kits" as well as asking for money to help find a cure. WAFF 48's Sarah Navoy spoke with officials at the Better Business Bureau on some of the red flags to look out for.

And with two recent fire incidents in recent days, we'll take you to Russellville where the fire department there is taking advantage of Fire Prevention Week to educate school students on how to avoid becoming the next victim.

We hope you'll join us for these stories and much more at 10.