See, Click, Fix: What's with the Michigan U-turns in AL?

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Our first issue this week is one that a lot of people are talking about in Madison. It's the proposed widening of University Drive/Highway 72 to six lanes from Providence Main Street to County Line Road. It's an ALDOT project that's scheduled for 2016.

Some people are concerned that the project will cut off access to all of the intersections and side streets by using what's referred to as a "Michigan U-turn" or "Michigan left." That would mean replacing a left turn with a u-turn and a right turn. One is planned near the Kroger at Jeff Road, another at the Target between Wall Triana and Balch.

One person commented on See, Click, Fix that those turns will be the only ways to access businesses on the other side of Highway 72.

Huntsville traffic engineers responded, saying left turns will be allowed at spots that optimize the signal movements. That's a little vague, so we'll stay on top of the plans. You can also contact ALDOT for more information on the design of the project. Just call this number - (256) 582-2254.

The other issue we looked at is on Ashland Drive in Huntsville. The road was repaved in the spring, but now some homeowners are concerned that the new pavement means cars will drive even faster now.

One homeowner says they're already doing that. Another says Ashland needs speed bumps. It already has four sets on the curve at the western edge near Fremont Avenue. To the east, though, there is a long straightaway. Huntsville traffic engineers say they'll take a closer look.

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