Check Out Some Of The Overnight Storm Damage

Check Out Some Of The Overnight Storm Damage

That's just some of the damage we're seeing early this morning in the valley. This is Beatline Road in Limestone County where there's a tree down, some power lines and a barn or shed is damaged. Our Muriel Bailey is talking with the property owner right now. She'll join us live at the top of each half hour.

There was also quite a bit of damage in Cullman County. National Weather Service survey crews will be checking there and Colbert County today. We'll check in with the Raycom News Network's Clare Huddleston at 5:38 for more on that.

It's a little quieter out there right now, but I can still some green and a little yellow on Storm Tracker Doppler Radar behind Meteorologist David Ernst. He's still tracking some showers but says we should a lot less rain than we got last night. There are also still a few flood warnings for a few counties. Check out his Weather On The Tens.

And President Obama is set to meet with 21 defense leaders from around the world to discuss ISIS. Tracie Potts delves into what we can expect from that meeting when she joins us at 5:07.

But we're on your TV right now. So, find that remote and turn on WAFF 48, and we'll get caught up on your world together. I'll see you in a minute.

-- Jim Abath