Check Out When More Storms Are Headed Your Way

Check Out When More Storms Are Headed Your Way

Did you get much sleep last night? I didn't, and by the sounds of things, I may not get much tonight either.

Meteorologist David Ernst and the rest of the WAFF Storm Team are looking at the possibility of strong to severe storms tonight and into tomorrow morning. So, make sure you're weather aware. And check out David's forecast in Weather On The Tens this morning. He'll break down where the storms are now and when they're headed your way.

They're not coming from Japan, but they're dealing with their own bad storms. It's called Typhoon Vongfong. We'll show you how much rain it's dumping there and how they're dealing with it.

We're also staying in step with the Dallas healthcare worker who may have gotten ebola from a Liberian man. And Muriel Bailey will fill you in on how workers here in the valley and at any facility try to protect themselves from deadly diseases.

And you've probably heard of Columbus Day. It's today, but so is Fraternal Day. It's only celebrated in Alabama, and it's a state holiday. We'll look into its meaning and how some people were already celebrating yesterday.

And yes, it's somewhat of a rainy and a Monday. So, if those get you down (a la the Carpenters. Not sure what that means, google...), join us and we'll get you back up.

See you on WAFF 48!

-- Jim Abath