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Man dead after breaking barricade at Huntsville police headquarters

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We're staying on top of a story we aired as breaking news yesterday.

Police say an officer shot and killed a man after he rammed through a barricade at the Huntsville Police Station on Wheeler Avenue.  We're told he then rammed a police car while the officer was still inside.  Investigators say he then got out of his car and lunged at the officer with a knife in his hand. That's when the officer fired his gun.

We'll have much more on this story beginning at 5AM. 

Also today, the F-B-I will be in Scottsboro to begin exhuming a body they believe may be someone on their ten most wanted list.  He was killed 33 years ago after he was hit by a car while walking along U-S 72.

The man is listed as John Doe, and he was buried in November 1981.  The FBI believes he could be William Bradford Bishop.  He was indicted for bludgeoning his mother, wife, and three young children to death in 1976.  They believe Bishop took the bodies from Maryland to South Carolina and burned them in a shallow grave.

And finally, the weekend is almost here!  Meteorologist David Ernst will have a preview of your weekend forecast. 

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