A new ordinance in Decatur is aimed at trucks

A new ordinance in Decatur is aimed at trucks

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Here's what we're working on in the WAFF newsroom:

A new ordinance in Decatur is aimed at trucks.

Decatur City Council unanimously passed a motion that establishes truck routes for large vehicles.  The City's director of Community Development says these truck routes will keep roads safer.  He says the GPS tracking systems that they use often take them right through the center of town.  We'll have much more on this beginning at 5AM.

Also, the University of Alabama will begin its Fall break early, after a threat was found on a bathroom wall.

Employees found a message more than a week ago inside the men's bathroom in Collier Library.  It mentioned Thursday's date, October 9th.  The note also mentioned the date was two months since the shooting of Michael Brown.

Campus police were alerted to the threat.  The school says they didn't want to take any chances, so they're sending students on fall break tomorrow instead of Thursday.

Finally, the thunder made it hard to sleep for some of you.  Meteorologist David Ernst will let you know how long the storms will stick around. 

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