Your health: Eye surgery makes a big difference in teachers life

A simple eye surgery can make all the difference. (Source: WAFF)
A simple eye surgery can make all the difference. (Source: WAFF)

A kindergarten teacher is spreading the world on an operation that could help you look better, see better, and maybe save you from damage to your car.

We discovered those drooping eyelids are more than just a cosmetic issue.

Kindergarten teacher, Wendy Lang, says ever since she was a little girl she had a bit of a complex about the way her eyes were shaped.

"I hated to have my picture taken because that's when I really noticed that it was so different, so I would cock my head so that my eyes would appear to be the same." Lang said.

Lang's problem with her vision was not necessarily what was in front of her face, but rather what was over to the side of her vision.

"Two years ago my eye doctor told me that I had lost my peripheral vision and that I had to do something about it,” Lang said. “It was almost to the point where it was a "have to" situation."

She procrastinated before finally taking action.

"I saw 3 surgeons before I did anything about it,” Lang stated. “And now that I've had it done, If I'd known it was that easy, I would have done something 2 years ago."

She says there are startling differences before and after and even her students know they have new boundaries.

The surgeries on the eyelid and eye help her be a better teacher.

She says there is also a big difference outside the classroom.

"I haven't hit near as many cars. I have a reputation for kind of tearing up that side of a car,” Lang said.

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