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Crime Stoppers: Crook wanted for stealing Apples

A thief stole $36,000 worth of Appel iPhones. (Source: WAFF) A thief stole $36,000 worth of Appel iPhones. (Source: WAFF)
HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - A crook is wanted for picking some apples and stealing them from someone else. 

We're not talking about the fruit here, we're talking about Apple iPhones - tens of thousands of dollars worth. 

He's caught in the act in this week's Huntsville Area Crime Stoppers..

You can see the thief on surveillance video wearing a red shirt and a backpack. 

He's walking into the Apple Store at the Bridge Street Town Center in Huntsville July 16th. 

He uses a laptop as a distraction, reaching behind the counter to steal 10 Apple iPhones from a drawer and stuffing them into that backpack, then walking quickly out of the store.

According to Huntsville Police, this guy's "apple picking" wasn't over. 

Two weeks later, they say he came back to the same store, stealing 21 more Apple iPhones. That's a total of 40 stolen phones, worth more than $36,000.

In the video of his second theft, the crook is wearing a green shirt and a ball cap on backward. 

Again, he headed to the back of the store. He has a bag of some sort but doesn't even pretend to be using a laptop this time. 

He just fills up that bag with more of these valuable electronic apples. Again, 21 of them this time. And leaves with that bag full of iphones.

Any idea who this phone thief is? If you know, you can use your phone to turn him in, anonymously.

Just make the anonymous call to 256-53-Crime or text or e-mail your anonymous tips. 

To see how to do that, go to, click Crime Stoppers, then the Huntsville Area Crime Stoppers link. 

There's a reward of up to a thousand dollars.

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