Breaking News: Valley Man Airlifted To Huntsville Hospital Overnight

Breaking News: Valley Man Airlifted To Huntsville Hospital Overnight

We're on the scene at Hazel Green High School where just before 4:00 this morning, Medflight rushed a man to Huntsville Hospital. We're working to confirm details on this breaking news story with Madison County fire officials."

Ebola certainly has my attention, and my wife's. A patient diagnosed with ebola in the U.S. That's what we were talking about a lot last night. Apparently, everyone else is, too. Our Lauren Morrison is the digital center this morning, checking on what everyone is saying. She'll also have the latest from doctors in Texas. She'll join us at the top of each half hour on WAFF 48 News Today. Meantime, you can read more right here

I don't mean to stay on the sickness track, but I guess I have to. We're also looking into that enterovirus that's been sweeping the country. Muriel Bailey's looking into whether it could be associated with a neurological illness that's causing paralysis in children.

Another day, another revelation about White House Security.

Now, we're hearing that the fence jumper incident wasn't the first incident of a threat to the First Family. Tracie Potts joins us from Washington with an update. (her "Hi, Jim!" always puts a smile on my face. Listen for that at 5:06.

And I'm thinking about picking up my sons this afternoon and taking them out for some water fun.

We could hit 90 today, and we may not see that again this year. Check out David's forecast every ten minutes, his Weather On The Tens.

OK, let's get this Wednesday morning moving. I'll see you on TV.

-- Jim Abath