See, Click, Fix: Crosswalk monitoring needed

See, Click, Fix: Crosswalk monitoring needed


The crosswalk at Holmes Avenue and Brickell Road in Huntsville is of issue by viewers this week. It's right at the edge of UAH.

The person commenting on See, Click, Fix says cars don't stop for pedestrians. And on that stretch of Holmes, drivers can move along at a pretty good clip. Huntsville Police are now on the case and will monitor it. Meantime, let us know what you see there and if more monitoring is needed.

The other issue we checked out this week is something I've wondered about for a while. And now, someone's put it into words on See, Click, Fix. If you drive south on Memorial Parkway and you want to exit at Drake Avenue, it can be hard to find. There aren't any big road signs to let you know it's coming up. We headed south, and there aren't any big green signs to alert you to get ready to turn right. The only sign sits after the turn lane's already started.

It's a different situation if you're driving north. There are four signs. In fact, if you miss the first exit for Drake Avenue, it's not a problem. There's another exit for Drake Avenue and a sign letting you know there's another one.

Again, headed south, there's only a small sign on the cement wall. If you're in the left lane or not looking for it on the right, you won't see it.

Huntsville Traffic engineers saw the post, but ALDOT maintains the road. So, it's up to the state. We'll check back to see if they can put up a road sign or two.

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