These Are The Showers We're Tracking This Morning

These Are The Showers We're Tracking This Morning

That's what Storm Tracker Doppler Radar looked like just after 4:30 this morning. You might find some raindrops this morning. It rained on me a little heading into work. Meteorologist David Ernst is on it this morning.

He'll let you know what to expect when you head out the door, go to lunch and drive home this evening.

In the news, we're checking for more information on that deadly wreck on Cecil Ashburn Drive yesterday.

One woman died and several others were hurt. I drive over that road every day, and it can get hairy at times. At 5:30, you'll hear from a Huntsville Police Officer about how and why that road can become dangerous in a hurry.

We're learning more about ISIS and how they became such a global threat so quickly. At 5:37, you'll hear President Obama's thoughts about what was bad and what every country needs to do to combat this terrorist threat.

And one of baseball's best shortstops ever is now in retirement. Derek Jeter played his last game yesterday, at Boston's Fenway Park of all places. We'll show you how he went out, how the Red Sox honored him and what he had to say after his last game at 6:08. Oh, and check out the cool boots from L.L. Bean that they gave him too

But we're on your TV right now. So, join us for WAFF 48 News Today, and let's get this Monday going.

-- Jim Abath