Multiple agencies investigate UPS shooting scene

3 men are dead following a shooting at a Birmingham UPS facility. (Source: WBRC)
3 men are dead following a shooting at a Birmingham UPS facility. (Source: WBRC)

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WAFF) - Employees that witnessed a shooting at a UPS facility in Birmingham Tuesday have been with investigators giving statements.

Those witnesses were allowed back to the facility to retrieve their cars from the parking lot Tuesday afternoon.

Police have not identified the shooter or the victims but say they were all men. The shooter was fired yesterday and was not supposed to come back to work today. Police believe he came back with specific targets in mind.

Police said this is clearly a high-profile case and there are lots of different agencies here working together.

"As far as law enforcement, we kind of gelled together to assist," said Birmingham Police Lieutenant Sean Edwards. "A lot of people responded today to help out and offered their services and anything that we needed so that turned out really well."

Police said the shooter's house and car are also a part of their investigation. Sister station WBRC said multiple sources identify the shooter as Kerry Joe Tesney. Right now, they're still trying to reach family members of the victims and won't be releasing names until that time.

Investigators understand Tesney was fired Monday and was not supposed to be back at the warehouse. A preliminary report said Tesney had received a final notification letter in the main upholding his termination. They believe he had specific targets in mind when he drove to the warehouse Tuesday and shot two former co-workers, who were part of management.

Police are working with UPS to learn more about his employment history.

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