See, Click, Fix: Clearing two issues In Madison

See, Click, Fix: Clearing two issues In Madison

MADISON, AL (WAFF) - There are a lot of trees as you walk from Stewart Street in Madison, onto the walkway leading into the neighborhood park, which is why you see so many leaves.

This park is in the Pension Row neighborhood. The community's set to host its annual cookout this Saturday and was hoping to get some maintenance work done.

When we stopped there Monday, though, it was apparent the grass had been cut, the trash can emptied and the equipment painted and kept up. I talked with an official with the Parks and Recreation Department. She said a crew was already scheduled to go out Thursday and Friday this week to make sure everything looks fine for Saturday.

The other issue we checked out was a drainage ditch in Madison. It's behind the Eastfield Drive, just to the south of the Target store on Highway 72.

I got an email from one homeowner, saying the overgrown weeds had gotten out of control. When we checked it out Monday, another homeowner said the same thing. Now, though, there's a big change, just in the last week.She told me crews came out at 6:00 a.m. Friday and went to work on the ditch all day. They cleared the trees, branches and weeds that at one point towered over the wooden fences. Now, only a few remnants remain from that project. And the ditch is clear from the neighborhood park almost all the way to the end.

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