Sun believed factor in wreck involving school bus in Colbert Co.

There was a wreck involving a school bus and a car in Colbert Co. Tuesday morning. (Source: WAFF)
There was a wreck involving a school bus and a car in Colbert Co. Tuesday morning. (Source: WAFF)

COLBERT COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - An early morning crash involving a school bus sent one woman to the hospital.

It happened just before 7:30 a.m. on River Road in Colbert County.

The crash is still under investigation, but officials say they believe the sun was a factor.

"You constantly worry about those kids who even have to cross the road to get on the bus, are the other drivers paying attention," said Superintendent Anthony Olivis.

Tuesday morning, those worries became reality as the superintendent learned one of his elementary school buses was in an accident on River Road.

Officials said the bus was at a complete stop, its flashers going and brakes lights on, when a driver slammed into the back of the bus.

Emergency crews cut the driver, Olivia Garcia, from the car and airlifted her to Huntsville Hospital, where she remains in serious condition.

We're told none of the kids were injured, but as Superintendent Olivis said, it doesn't take away the helplessness parents feel when they hear about these types of accidents.

"I've got kids in school also, and being a parent myself, I can truly relate to what a parent is thinking and feeling - it's just scary. You hear about an accident and you're thinking 'I hope that's not my child, I hope that's not my child's bus,' or 'I hope that's not my child's school.'"

Olivis said the bus driver handled the situation the right way.

"I was very pleased the way everything was handled, the emergency response people were definitely on the spot doing what they were supposed to do, state troopers and things like that, so I was very pleased and the bus driver did the things she was supposed to do."

State troopers are still investigating.

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