U.S. Bombs ISIS in Syria

U.S. Bombs ISIS in Syria

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Here's what we're working on in the WAFF newsroom:

This morning we have developing news out of the Middle East.

American airstrikes have begun hitting ISIS targets in Syria.  It's part of an intense operation involving five Arab countries.  The airstrikes focused on the city of Raqqa, the declared capital of ISIS' self-proclaimed Islamic State. But other areas were hit as well.

We're also following up on the University of Alabama dorm threat.

The president of the University of Alabama says students were never in danger.  This comes after a threat was posted that put an all-girls dorm on lock down.  President Judy Bonner issued the statement yesterday, saying the incident resulted from rumors on social media.

And today it is officially Fall!  David Ernst will let you know if the summertime temperatures will stick around.

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