Possible Killen drowning victim found alive

Possible drowning victim in Killen found alive (Source: WAFF file)
Possible drowning victim in Killen found alive (Source: WAFF file)

KILLEN, AL (WAFF) - Killen Police Department found the missing possible drowning victim alive Friday morning.

Witnesses said they saw someone fall into the water around 7:50 p.m. on Thursday in the Beach Hallow Road area and did not see the person come up.

Divers from Killen Rescue and Florence Police assisted in a search, along with Marine Police and the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department.

Fire officials said the man was found alive, walking down the street early Friday morning.

Lauderdale County EMA Director George Grabryan said a ton of man hours, training, and costs go into preparing for search and rescue missions. They start preparing well before they're even called to a scene.

Crews spend all year preparing and training for all types of emergency situations. Every fiscal year, departments allocate funds to making sure departments have the items needed to complete rescue missions if called upon.

Some crews are paid overtime, even with assistance from state departments.

Thursday night, divers from Killen Rescue, Florence police, marine police, and the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department all assisted in the search.

Grabryan said being able to call on various surrounding departments to assist in rescue efforts is key to completing any task at hand.

"From a personnel end of it, we are very fortunate to have the amount of volunteers in this county that we do," said Grabryan. "We have a tremendous about of people that dedicate their off time for that type of work and that is not compensated time. Again, it's got a cost. You're away from your family in that type of situation and a lot of these are at night, overnight,or all day. A lot of times, it cuts into their sleep time for their regular jobs."

EMA Officials said they don't have a specific number on the amount of overtime pay used in Thursday night's mission. Money aside, everyone agrees being able to find the missing person and reunite them with loved ones is priceless.

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