Turn Of Events In Overnight Huntsville Robbery

Turn Of Events In Overnight Huntsville Robbery

That's the scene of a robbery overnight in Huntsville, one that was a turn of events. This is the Chevron on Meridian Street. The victim told police he went to sell someone a gun, but the potential buyer pulled a gun on him and took that other gun. No one was hurt. We'll keep you up to date on the investigation.

Madison County and Huntsville City Schools have new budget plans.

We'll show you where the budget is lean and what they plan to do about it. In Madison County, remember, there will be a handoff to a new superintendent in January. You'll hear what Matt Massey has to say.

We're getting more information on that third American healthcare worker who contracted ebola in Africa.

Dr. Rick Sacra will be headed back to the U.S. today. You'll hear more about how he's doing from his wife.

And it is muggy outside this morning.

That humidity is just hanging there, so get the A/C prepped in your car or truck as you head out. Meteorologist David Ernst says you may see some pop up showers later today and through the weekend. Check out his Weather On The Tens.

It's Friday. Wait. I need to say that again. It's FRIDAY! So, let's zoom right into it together. Join us for WAFF 48 News Today right now.

-- Jim Abath