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Computer crook leaves selfies

This guy's smoky selfies got sent straight to his victim's iPhone. (Source: HPD) This guy's smoky selfies got sent straight to his victim's iPhone. (Source: HPD)

High tech equipment has become a very valuable tool in solving crimes. 

But this week, we have a high-tech twist: a crook who apparently turned off his brain and turned on his camera. 

Selfies have become quite common in our society these days. For those not "au fait" with the term, a "selfie" is simply the act of snapping pictures of yourself - just like this week's crook.

He made selfies of himself puffing on a cigarette and showing off a tattoo.

On July 17, this man apparently broke into an apartment at Stone Crossing Apartments on University Drive. 

Among other things, he stole the victim's laptop. Little did he know she had her laptop synched with her iPhone. 

The pictures he was making were going right to her phone thanks to the help of "The Cloud."

So he's been unknowingly sending back some great shots of himself, although we guess he knows it now. 

Do you know this photogenic crook? There's a lot of money riding on it - as in up to $1,000 for a tip leading to an arrest.

Make the anonymous phone call with your tips to 256-53-Crime. 

Or you can text or e-mail your anonymous tips. Head over to our Crime Stoppers section to learn how.

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