Safer credit cards may protect against breaches

Safer credit cards may protect against breaches

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Home Depot is another major retailer to suffer a massive credit card breach. This comes after banks reporting the stolen information hitting the black market.

The retail giant is now working with banks and law enforcement to investigate the breach.

Hackers have mastered compromising the everyday person's debit and credit card.

Now they're looking at how they can tap in one time and walk way with information on millions.

You may have seen newer credit cards with a microchip on the outside which was already widely used in Europe.

It encrypts data differently for every transaction, which prevents fraud. Experts say it's harder to clone than a magnetic stripe card.

Dr. David Berkowitz is Professor of Marketing and Dean of Graduate Studies at The University of Alabama in Huntsville. He says that corporations need to pay attention to the breaches because it not only hurts the company's reputation, but their profits too.

"They are coming to the United States but it has it's limitations. It's an RFID chip and it can also be hacked but then again the hacking there is also more at the individual level so it limits it to the individual rather than at the broader corporate side," said Berkowitz.

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