Another American Doctor Diagnosed With Ebola

Another American Doctor Diagnosed With Ebola

That's a picture of Nancy Writebol, one of the American missionaries working in Liberia who was infected with ebola. Now, there's word that another American doctor's been infected. We're still getting more information on him and will pass that along as soon as we get it. This morning, our Lauren Morrison will get you caught up.

Also this morning, Matt Lauer has more of his exclusive interview with Dr. Kent Brantly, who contracted ebola and is now recovering. Look for that just after 7:00 a.m. on the Today Show.

This morning, we're also going inside our schools to feature Attendance Awareness Month. Obviously, it's important for students to be in school, but Muriel Bailey's taking it a step further. See what she found out after talking with Madison Crossroads Principal Russ O'Rear.

In international news, President Obama is in Estonia. Just a few minutes ago at 4:30, we heard him talking live about how the U.S. will not be intimidated by Steven Sotloff's execution.

ISIS released video of the American journalist's execution, and the White House has verified that video is authentic. We'll update on what else the President has to say.

And why would a restaurant ban ketchup? What would I put on my hamburger? At 5:55, we'll all find out what the hubbub's all about.

But don't wait until then to join us. We're on your TV right now.

-- Jim Abath