See, Click, Fix: Junk-filled yard and more road problems

See, Click, Fix: Junk-filled yard and more road problems

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - We start this week with a house and yard in Huntsville that need some cleaning up. For neighbors, that might be putting it mildly. One of them posted on See, Click, Fix that a lot in the 1500 block  of Pratt Avenue is an eyesore, saying they need to get rid of all the junk and paint the fence.

We checked it out and found it wasn't that bad but still needed some cleaning up. Huntsville's Community Development checked it out and has let the homeowners know they're violating the city's junk, litter and inoperable vehicle ordinance. They will be checking back to make sure they clean it up.

We also checked out some road problems. One of them was on Stevens Drive. he post on See, Click, Fix shows there's broken asphalt at the edge of the street where the street meets the curb.

I saw on the site that Public Works had written up a work order for it. And we stopped there, we found they had already been there. It's much smoother now.

The last stop we checked out was an alley on McKinley Avenue. The man who posted it says you can't tell from the picture just how deep the potholes are or just how much mud there is.

We went up and down the length of the street and only found one pothole that wasn't that bad. Still, Public Works is set to check it out this week, and if need be, will fix it, weather permitting.

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