VIDEO: Boy 'exasperated' over mom's pregnancy announcement

Tre and Amiyah (Source: Shanee Hart)
Tre and Amiyah (Source: Shanee Hart)

(WAFF) - A Washington mother and her husband kept a huge secret from their children.

When U.S. soldier Shanee Hart and her veteran husband decided to tell their 7-year-old son Tre and her 1-year-old daughter Amiya that they were expecting a new addition to the family, Tre wasn't so thrilled.

As soon as she said she was pregnant, Tre's response was, "What were you thinking?"

He told his parents that it just didn't make sense and that the news was "exasperating."

He said, "You already have two're supposed to just love them forever."

Tre was very upset that he might be replaced and that he would have to listen to another baby crying. Hart assured her son that it would be fine and that he would never be replaced.

Hart posted the video to her Facebook page and it has gotten thousands of shares since then.

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