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Self-serve crook dashes out with electronics

Our man puts items in his cart, but doesn't pay for them. (Source: HPD) Our man puts items in his cart, but doesn't pay for them. (Source: HPD)

There are more and more of those self-serve lanes at stores where you can check yourself out instead of waiting on a cashier. 

But sometimes people take the phrase "self-serve" in a different sense, bypassing that important step in the shopping process altogether. 

The man we're looking for is seen on surveillance video wearing a dark hoodie, jeans and a ball cap. Huntsville police said he walked into the Target on University Drive April 11 and went straight to the electronics department. 

There he's seen stalking the aisles in electronics. Later, we see him walking out of the store with a handful of electronics items.

So this guy walks out of the door at the Target. Everything appears to be alright. He picks up items and walks out the door. 

But one thing missing: he didn't pay for them.

So take another look at him. Does he look familiar? Anybody you know? 

There's a big stack of cash hinging on your answer and your actions. 

In fact, solving this crime can be easy and profitable. Up to $1,000 is available for tips that lead to an arrest.

All you have to do is make an anonymous call to 256-53-Crime. 

Or you can text or e-mail your anonymous tips. Head over to our Crime Stoppers section to learn how.

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