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Limestone Co. man starts wet-dry petition

Athens approved alcohol sales about 10 years ago, but that ruling did not extend to the rest of the county. (Source: WAFF file) Athens approved alcohol sales about 10 years ago, but that ruling did not extend to the rest of the county. (Source: WAFF file)

A Limestone County man has started a petition pushing for a wet-dry vote.

The city of Athens approved alcohol sales around a decade ago, but Limestone County remains dry.

The petition's organizer said that's taxable money the county could really use.

Seth Parker said he started circulating these petitions around Limestone County restaurants Tuesday, and launched his website,

Parker believes Limestone County residents are missing out on more than $1-million in taxable revenue because the county remains dry. He said that's money that he'd like to see go towards schools, new roads and infrastructure and spurring more economic development.

He said judging by the response he's received on the Limestone Beer Initiative, he believes putting the wet-dry debate to a vote is a strong possibility within the next year, maybe sooner.

"I think it probably could have passed when Athens went wet 10 years ago," Parker said. "They didn't continue the effort into Limestone County. Since then nobody has attempted it. I think it's time."

A Limestone County Commissioner said the initiative will need more than 8,000 signatures before voters can have their say on whether to approve alcohol sales. If less than 8,000 sign the petition before the November election, the county might have to call for a special vote at a later date.

Limestone County commissioner Ben Harrison said he's been looking into that, and that means the county could be on the hook for an extra $40,000 to hold that special vote.

Commissioner Harrison said he's also reviewed the alcohol laws in Athens, and said even if it does pass, there would still be a lot of work to do before you started seeing alcohol on the shelves in Limestone County stores.

"It's not as straightforward as I would like it to be," the commissioner said. "There would have to be a lot of time and effort and cost in lawyer fees and stuff in generating the rules and regulations to govern it."

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