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Madison Co. commissioner refutes claim Remington move not politically motivated

Strong said he's not offended by Cuomo's comments. (Source: WAFF) Strong said he's not offended by Cuomo's comments. (Source: WAFF)

Madison County Commission Chairman Dale Strong fired back after New York's governor called Remington's decision to relocate from his state to Huntsville unrelated to gun control laws.

"I know we tend to think, 'We're New York, it must be about us,' said New York Governor Andrew Cuomo during the New York State Fair. "Sometimes it's not about us. They are consolidating operations from all across the country, from red states, from blue states. It's not about politics."

Strong's response is directed not just to Gov. Cuomo, but everyone helping pass anti-second amendment legislation in New York. He said that political climate is part of the reason why Remington decided to come here.

It is a topic Remington's Chief Executive Officer spoke about when he announced relocation plans and the move to Huntsville.

Commissioner Strong said he's not offended by the New York governor's comments, but he said Madison County and North Alabama leaders will continue to jump at any opportunity to bring in quality jobs for our economy.

Strong said it's not just Remington relocating, but other firearm companies making the move to southern states, and he said if more want to come, we'll welcome that with open arms.

"You'll never see that type of legislation passed in Alabama," said Strong. "If the folks of New York State believe in taking away the second amendment, we will reap the rewards because of it."

Commissioner Strong said Remington started on retrofitting their new Huntsville facility three weeks ago.

He said more potential job opportunities have contacted his office since the Remington announcement, but he wouldn't say who.

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