See, Click, Fix: Speed Bump and Street Light Requests

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - We start with a new request this week... One for a new street light in a Huntsville neighborhood. A homeowner on Gayhart Drive posted on our site, saying it's very dark in front of her house.

There are a couple of street lights to the west and one to the east in the cul de sac, but there is a big dark spot at her house. She's concerned because there have been several break-ins in her neighborhood recently.

Huntsville traffic engineers took a look at it and decided they'd have to deny her request, for two reasons. They say the spacing of the street lights fits the city standard, and the thickness of all the trees in her yard and neighboring yards would block a new light anyhow.

I talked with the woman, who didn't want to go on camera. She says she's not happy about the decision and is hoping the city will reconsider.

Not far away on Vogel Drive, a homeowner would like to cut down on speeders, hinting that maybe another speed bump is needed.

We drove down the street. There are three speed bumps, and there is some space in between where drivers can pick up speed, but we didn't notice any speeders while we were there.

Huntsville Police monitored Vogel Drive and said they didn't see any speeders, either. However, if you see drivers speeding down Vogel, let Huntsville police know about it.

You could also re-open the issue and comment on it.

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