Bad moves may be hindering exercise success

Bad exercise habits include not warming up. (Source: CNN)
Bad exercise habits include not warming up. (Source: CNN)

(CNN) - Those who have been hitting the gym or the outdoor trails all summer but haven't gotten the desired results may have developed some bad exercise habits.

Life by Daily Burn came up with a list of these habits:

By not warming up, a person's chance of injury goes up, and it decreases how effective a workout is.

Not eating enough for recovery can be trouble. To gain muscle, people need fuel. Those who are trying to lose weight need to eat a healthy diet.

Remember to do opposing movements to avoid injury and imbalances.

Training too long or too often. The recommended workout is 45-55 minutes, and the body needs a day for recovery.

Not getting enough sleep can be detrimental.

Copying the workout of other people can short-circuit exercise efforts. One trainer says, "monkey see, monkey do" just doesn't work when it comes to working out. By not be training on how to do a particular exercise, an exerciser could get hurt.

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