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Residents flooded after school's drainage changes

Residents say the filling in of a drainage ditch has led to flooding. (Source: WAFF) Residents say the filling in of a drainage ditch has led to flooding. (Source: WAFF)

Some Jackson County residents say their homes are being flooded after a local school made major drainage changes on campus.

After putting down underground drainage pipe, county public works crews this summer filled up a ditch that sat alongside of the road next to Skyline School.

Officials say the ditch was eroding and causing potential road and parking lot problems at the school.

But when the rains came after the new system was put into place, residents feel the heavy rains were not being supported by the new system.

Michael Moultis lives across the street, where he said water now rushes around his home when it rains.

He's discovered mold in the crawlspace insulation and has a fan working to dehumidify that space that's now wet.

Moultis feels the best solution is to bring back the ditch.

"All you have to do is look at the grade of the parking lot out here and see that there's nothing to stop any rainwater coming off the parking lot, coming across that matted straw, and straight over into the yard," Moultis said.

Rainwater also pours into the yard and under the home of Walter and Jewel Tidwell. They said they are simply trying to save their home.

"It creates mold, bacteria; the foundation can rot out, and then what can we do - insurance?" said Jewel Tidwell. "I don't have flood insurance because we've never been flooded. We don't live in a flood zone and my insurance is not going to cover all this, so we're going to have to cover all these costs."

County officials say they've got a plan to fix the problem, but they also question if the recent rains were partly to blame by just being unusually heavy. Officials said they've tried smaller fixes, but are now focusing on a bigger solution, which will take time to implement.

Meanwhile, some of the affected residents said they plan to be at the next commission meeting on Monday.


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