Healthy tips for students' return to school

Nutritious meals are just as important as your child's immunization status. (Source: WAFF file)
Nutritious meals are just as important as your child's immunization status. (Source: WAFF file)

HARTSELLE, AL (WAFF) - The start of a new school year brings excitement. Hartselle City Schools' lead nurse, Jean Marie Davis, said a health challenge for parents starts with the Blue Card.

"It's the Alabama Certificate of Immunization," Davis said. "All students in grades 6 -12 must have an up-to-date blue card. This is students that are entering public or private schools."

It's something which should be turned in before the child goes to class. She said there are specifics parents need to know.

"Now this year, the students that are in grades 6-10 are required to have proof of the t-daT Dapcine. And all students from Kindergarten through age 12 will have to have documentation of proof of a positive varicella or chicken pox disease or a varicella vaccine," she said.

Nurse Davis said there are other things parents can do to make certain this transition back to school is a healthy one.

"A good breakfast... can be as simple as a protein bar or breakfast bar or a fruit smoothie. Here at Hartselle High School, we even offer breakfast at break time for those students who either get here late, or maybe aren't early morning eaters and they wish to eat after the school hours start," she said, adding that she recommends a low-carb, healthy diet.

She added parents should be certain to schedule homework time in a quiet, solitary place. And structure that schedule to make sure children get a good night's sleep as well.

"School aged children need at least 9-10 hours of sleep, and your teenagers need at least 9 hours of sleep, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics," advised Davis.

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