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Woman caught on camera using stolen credit card, police talk ID theft problems

Source: Greenville Police Department Source: Greenville Police Department

Greenville police are asking for help from the public identifying a woman investigators say was caught on camera swiping a stolen credit card at several stores. The case is shedding light on the growing number of identity theft crimes the department is handling.

The victim reported that three credit cards were taken out of her purse and police say both small and large charges were made on two of the cards in Greenville and Fort Deposit. 
"It appears that almost immediately from the time they were in possession of the cards, they went and started trying to make charges," said Lt. Justin Lovvorn, Greenville PD investigator.

In the surveillance footage released by the Greenville Police Department, the suspect is wearing a white tank top with a wallet in her hand. She has reddish brown hair with an Indian design on her skirt. There are two people with her. One comes on the screen in front of her. She is wearing a blue short sleeve blouse with hoop earrings and a black purse. The man that is with her comes into the screen just after the suspect. He is wearing an Auburn t-shirt and cap. He also has facial hair.  

"All three of these people are together, but the one in the white tank top is the one who has been seen using the stolen credit card at several locations in Greenville," Lovvorn said. "She's the one we've seen on multiple videos that was actually using the stolen credit card. We're looking for all three to help identify the suspect in this case or see how deep their involvement may have been in this."

For the department, identity theft cases are appearing in a variety of ways- from stolen credit cards and credit cards falsely opened in victims' names to income tax and unemployment fraud.

"It's just a matter of someone being able to obtain a person's information whether it be date of birth, social security number or sometimes if they can just get a full name they'll go from there until they find enough to be able to use it in a way to make a profit," Lt. Lovvorn added.

In June, Greenville police arrested a worker at the local Hardee's who is accused of stealing credit card numbers from customers. Investigators say she then used the information to buy thousands of dollars worth of clothes, shoes and jewelry online.

Lovvorn believes she was snapping pictures of the front and back of customers' credit and debit cards when they handed them over to pay for their food at the Hardee's drive-thru. 

Greenville PD isn't alone in their fight to combat identity theft. Georgiana police recently arrested two women they believe were runners for a syndicate out of Atlanta dealing in stolen identities. 

Georgiana's police chief David Scruggs says the women were caught with close to 50 gift cards and credit and ATM cards that had been re-encoded with victims' bank account and credit card information. The cards were used to buy merchandise Scruggs says the women would then deliver to the people at the top of their organization- a group believed to be operating across the southeast. 

The Secret Service is assisting in the investigation. 

Authorities say the best steps you can take are to closely monitor your credit card and bank accounts and be careful spending online.

"When you go online and use credit cards, certain websites are not as protected as others. We have actually learned from criminals that I've arrested in identity thefts that they will use particular websites because their security is not as tight," Lovvorn told WSFA.

If you recognize anyone in the surveillance footage, you're asked to call Greenville Police at 334-382-7461.

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