SEC commissioner responds to video game ruling

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Southeastern Conference Commissioner Mike Slive says college athletics are "going through a historic evolution."

Slive released a statement Monday after U.S. District Judge Claudia Wilken's ruling that players in collegiate football and men's basketball are entitled to at least $5,000 a year for rights to their names, images and likenesses. He says the judge on Friday appropriately recognized "the importance of integrating academics and athletics in this decision."

Wilken's ruling essentially said that the National Collegiate Athletic Association's argument that it was an amateur organization did not hold water.

The NCAA said it will appeal Wilken's ruling. An attorney for the Big 12 called the ruling "narrow," as other conference leaders downplay the decision.

Slive said "the ultimate consequences" won't be known until legal questions are resolved. He said the judge's decision and recent changes in NCAA governances represent "a historic evolution of the landscape of college sports."

In a prepared statement released Monday, Slive said, "We are going through a historic evolution of the landscape of college sports, and it is incumbent upon us to be thoughtful and deliberate in building a better future for our institutions and our student athletes."

The judge did offer one small victory for the schools in her ruling, throwing out a request from players to receive money from endorsements.

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