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Puxico military family concerned as U.S. launches airstrikes


As the United States launches airstrikes on Iraq militants, American military families have raised concern over the safety of their loved ones.

"As a parent that translates to my son could have his boots on the ground at any time,” Sonya Faries said.

For families like Joey and Sonya Faries, news of air strikes in Iraq has a different meaning.

"You do get scared,” Joey Faries said.

“There's not enough they can tell me that's going to make me feel any better,” Sonya Faries, Dillon's stepmother, said.

Their son, Dillon, is a Marine. They say there's always a chance he could be deployed.

"[My necklace] is the symbol of the Marine Corps. I wear it every day. My son bought it for me and I wear it proudly every day,” Sonya Faries said.

However, the news doesn't only affect military families.

"Whenever you have an unstable region, there is always the possibility for terrorist organizations to pop up, to grow stronger and then they could always bring the war to America's doorstep,” said Seth Ward, a social studies teacher at Scott City High School.

Ward said we should all care about what's happening overseas.

"There have been executions, beheadings, and a lot of forced conversions. I don't think that most people could stand by and let something like that happen,” Ward said.

Ward said it's not only a humanitarian effort.

"This also has to do with American interest. We have an American base, an embassy in the Kurdish region of Iraq. The largest US embassy is in Baghdad,” Ward said.

He said American lives as well as innocent Iraqis' are at stake.

"There is someone in harm's way. It doesn't matter that it's just an air strike. Someone is flying the plane,” Ward said.

These parents are asking for one thing from all of us not only for their son but everyone who serves.

"They need to take me time to say a prayer for every one of these. They need to realize that freedom is not free,” Sonya Faries said.

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